Stress. –Life today has many challenges, at times they can seem overwhelming. Stress in all its forms can play a large part in many peoples lives. It can be debilitating and difficult to cope with, and yet, with adversity comes an opportunity to experience real growth because Stress is an important part of everyday life and although the symptoms of stress can annoy us, they can work for us.

We all need a certain amount of pressure to be effective at home and work. If we don’t have enough pressure, we can get bored or frustrated. Think of it like a tyre – it runs perfectly with the right pressure or runs flat without enough or it bursts if it has too much.

What’s important is that it remains at a manageable level where it drives us to live and perform at the level we choose but not burn us out in the process.

First there comes an awareness that something has to change, though what exactly that could be may seem elusive. The good news is, that when you gain the resources you need to face the challenges, you find that you can achieve much more than you ever thought you could.

Lost and Confused SignpostFinding the courage to confront and seek solutions to problems, can be for many, something which we would rather put off or avoid. In doing so we allow the issue to increase the power it holds over us, put simply it makes matters worse.

It need not be that way…

We have within us resources, and when we gain access to them, they enable us to break through any limiting beliefs we have about our lives. Therefore, the objective is to empower You and that is precisely what Me&MY Stress is all about.

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