About Us


Gordon V1My name is Gordon Walker, I am a Stress Management Practitioner and a Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

I trained with the LCCH ( London College of Clinical Hypnosis) and hold Diplomas in Clinical Hypnosis & Practitioner Studies. In addition, I am also a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP)  and a graduate member of INLPTA ( International NLP Trainers Association)  I have been working in the field of therapy and personal development  since 2004.

I am passionate about people and interested in empowering them to become the person they  truly want to be. That may involve making some changes in their  life or life-style which up untill now may have resulted in what they may perceive as failure.  But don’t worry… change, although sometimes uncomfortable, can be made easier with the right attitude and positive support.

Background – I began my interest in personal development in the year 2000…  

A few years earlier I had been struggling with my life / emotions / work and felt like a black cloud was following me around.  I went along along to my local GP and was diagnosed as having “mild depression” and prescribed anti-depressants.  To be fair, they lifted the depression and gave me a sense of well-being.  Although the “lift” that accompanied the anti-depressents was welcome I didn’t like the side effects and that started my quest on how to get to the real root of my issues.  I wanted to take control of my life and and help myself get better without resorting to medical intervention.  It was at this point I consciously decided to begin my Journey in Personal Development.

Fast forward to today … What a Journey it has been. There have been many highs and lows. The experience, knowledge and learning I have received has changed my thoughts, my attitude, my beliefs and ultimately my life. I now work on the principle of “No Failure only Feedback ” & ” Every Day is a Learning Day ”  

 changeKnowing this now to be true, has changed my perspective on life, it has resulted in me being a much happier & grounded person. 

The life experiences I have had, have enabled me to empathize and gain a deeper rapport with the clients I work with, while understanding their issues and challenges.

Combining life experience and private practice as a Therapist enables me to offer clients tools and techniques for empowerment borne out of a life worth living .