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Neuro Lingusitic Programming – Is the study of how we think and the words we use as an expression of our thoughts and subjective experience along with the internal programs we run through our sub- conscious mind. It was developed in the middle to late 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Practical applications –

One of the many areas where NLP techniques can be beneficial is in langauge analysis; getting to the root of what is actually being said along with the associated behaviour.  In addition, Rapport building is a key area where NLP has been found to be very effective.Further to this, another useful application is that NLP can facilitate a change in how we look at a particular situation or challenge; perception can and often does provide insight and with it solutions.This is useful when dealing with relationship issues.


NLP is particularly useful when applied in the Business arena. Interviews, Negotiations, Presentations, Appraisals, Human Resource and Coaching, all of these can have an “Edge” when  using NLP techniques.

Sport –

NLP based Coaching techniques are effective when improving Sporting Performance, however they can be further enhanced when used in combination with applied Sports Hypnosis. Results can be rapid and in some cases dramatic..

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