Sports Performance

Those of you who are involved in Sport will know that in addition to developing skills and applying them in a Sporting arena there is another level to just ” Playing the Game”.  That other level is Mental Skills Training (MST).

An important benefitbigstock-Sport-2937114 of Mental Skills Training is the development of Mental Toughness. This allows the Sports person to cope exceptionally well with the demands placed upon them during training and competition, along with the lifestyle discipline that is required of the chosen Sport.

There a number of different ways of developing Mental Toughness, that will allow the Sports person to perform beyond their personal best with a focused confidence; remaining composed under pressure especially in those big moments.

Mental Toughness could be defined as the ability to challenge ones self to improve beyond what has been achieved previously. Many athletes have talent, however they sometimes have limiting self beliefs around their ability to cope with the pressures that the Sport brings.

Applied Hypnosis in Sport-

Sport Hypnosis lends itself to performance improvement, as the basis of Hypnosis is to facilitate behavioural change at an unconscious level. Working with athletes is an interesting and rewarding aspect of practice, as athletes generally are not presenting with psychological concerns, instead they desire to improve performance in their chosen sport or activity. The improvements very often come quickly and can be impressive. Importantly, the results can be measured. Those who are active in Sport are generally motivated,disciplined and willing to practice which means they are open to the benefits that applied Sports Hypnosis can bring.

bigstock-A-D-rendering-of-a-man-with-n-13576013Sport Hypnosis works well on a one to one basis and as a support to Sports Coaches, Trainers and other Sport Performance Professionals.

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