If it were up to me I would happily say that Gordon Walker changed my life…but Gordon wouldnt allow me to say that!  He insists all he did was help me to access the resources that were already inside me!  Whoever is right is, I suppose,is irrelevant.  The simple facts are my life has improved and continues to do so every time I have a session with Gordon.  I applied for and got my dream job, sailing through the selection process with a confidence I didnt know I had; I have taken control of what was becoming dangerous eating and drinking patterns and am discovering the hidden skinny within!; I am reducing medication for depression for the first time in 10 years and, perhaps most importantly, I am slowly beginning to see within me things that are good.  It’s been quite a journey and Gordon is the perfect travelling companion.  If you are thinking about doing something like this, stop thinking and do it – you’ll never look back.”
Samantha S. – Glasgow


“I have worked with Gordon as a colleague, client and friend for more than 2 years now.  His integrity, skills and humanity towards others is unquestionable. He has the unique ability to transform a conversation into a deep personal change session. ” 

D. Fleming- Hyponotherapist.


 Hi , my name is Mark and I would like to say to anyone reading Gordon’s web site , if you are sitting wondering if its for real or thinking it sounds like some new age hippy con . Don’t.  I can personally pay tribute to Gordon, his skills and just as important, his rare compassion and understanding of people and the situations they may find themselves in.

I myself, had been through a particularly rough time , being torn between the woman I loved ( am soon to marry thanks to Gordon ) and my two boys from a previous relationship. I was really low , didn’t know what way to turn.  I had convinced myself if I didn’t go back to my ex, my boys would feel betrayed, but I knew if I did go back I would be miserable and ultimately, an unhappy Dad .

It took Gordon to make me realise that . Not only did he listen to me but by using NLP , he helped me become a stronger more confident person.

I have an amazing relationship with my boys and see them all the time and in October I will be marrying the woman I love . To me , Gordon changed my life and made me a better person . I will always be in his debt .

So if you think he can help you , think of my story and be assured , he can . Go on, it could change your life .

Mark – Glasgow


I have known Gordon for some time, but it wasn’t till recently that I had to see him in a professional manor, I was rather nervous as I had never experienced  hypnotherapy or NLP . Gordon put me right at ease by talking over what was going to happen before he started and if I had any questions I would like to ask, the whole session was very relaxing, it was a wonderful experience,  I felt  I got  a lot of questions answered,  it was an experience that I wouldn’t think twice about doing again, if the occasion ever arose I would not hesitate to call Gordon.

Lena E- Ayshire.


 Gordon is sensitive & caring, whilst getting to the route of the issue no matter how large or small.


Shona D- Ayshire



I met Gordon when he joined the firm where I worked. He helped me cope with the stressful and negative environment of my workplace and showed me how to reject destructive and unwarranted criticisms.I always enjoyed our conversations at work and he could always change a negative situation into something positive. 

I sometimes wonder what direction my life would have taken if I had never met Gordon? It would certainly be so much poorer. 

If someone were to ask me who has influenced my life? Gordon would be up there on the list.”

Julie F- Durham


“I was in an “Life -Coaching” presentation the other day and was so dissappointed – I felt like standing up and shouting this is not what its like ! Bring Gordon in here and let him show you his genuine passion and understanding of this subject. It just goes to show you definetly have a skill and natural  talent that not everyone in your field has.”

April Logan – Glasgow